Best Treadmills for Runners

Shopping for a Quality and High-Speed Cardio Trainer for Your Home Use

Whether you want to maintain your endurance or train for some big race, a quality treadmill can be your excellent choice. Basically, the treadmills included in this list are designed for runners because they come with such important features as great running areas, increased shock absorption, amazing decline and incline options to stimulate your training on real terrains. They also have quite impressive warranties for the prices asked.

Buying the Best Treadmill for Runners

Unlike walkers, all runners require higher treadmill standards to get the most effective workouts. There are certain details and qualities that must be considered when choosing the best unit for running.

Speed Considerations

Standard treadmills for runners come with 0.5-12 mph speed settings. If to compare them with treadmills designed for walkers that have speeds up to 10 mph, then treadmills for runners are faster. Pay attention to elite treadmills to get the highest speed around 15 mph because choosing the one with some speed to spare can bring you more benefits. For example, this treadmill will work smoothly and last longer than other available alternatives.

Commercial Motors

Good treadmills for runners need to have 3.0 CHP motors or better options. Remember that the bigger your weight and the more intensely you want to train, the more you need to think about picking a treadmill with more power (4.0 CHP). Although it’s not the only aspect to be considered, 3.0-CHP motors are not created equally. Your best choice is to get the motor that comes with an efficient cooling system to avoid wire burning. Look for balanced options for minimum vibration to operate quietly.

Increased Cushioning

The greatest benefit of using treadmills is decreased risk of possible health dangers. When running inside, you not only avoid other people and cars, but you also protect joints. The best units for runners come with improved cushioning, so their deck can absorb a negative impact about 30% more efficiently than asphalt and grass. However, this percentage varies from one brand to another, and their cushioning is quite consistent throughout the track length. Some brands can provide users with on and off cushioning, and this feature is quite appealing to serious runners who are training with more realistic shock absorption for competitions.

Low-Maintenance Belts

Check the quality of treadmill belts or tracks, because it has a huge impact on the smoothness of workouts and the way long training machines will serve before requiring any maintenance. Cheap models need the necessary belt lubrication on a regular basis, but the best ones for walkers and runners have pre-lubricated belts that are infused with quality silicone, and they are created for smooth running and low maintenance. Another great thing is that such belts are thicker than standard options, so they ensure for longer. When buying commercial treadmills, you can get 15,000 miles of workouts before you’ll need to replace their belts. Some elite brands offer up to 150,000-mile belts and their swap takes only around 20 minutes.

Power Inclining

The best treadmills for runners need to have power inclines to allow users to stimulate their uphill training with the ramps that are easy to control with buttons on their consoles and handlebars, or by special preset programs. It’s advisable to use a small incline to workout with the wind resistance equivalent, and this option is also excellent for replicating different challenges of outdoor training routines and interval workouts. The best models for running are available with power inclines up to 15-20% angles to provide consumers with this benefit.