Best Treadmill Buying Guide 2016

How to Choose and Buy the Best Home Treadmill

Find a perfect home treadmill to lose weight and maintain great physical shape at your home at any convenient time for you. All you need to select a good treadmill is read our simple tips carefully. Use our recommendations, and you will not get lost among hundreds of options available on the market today.

This guide is divided into two parts. The first one allows you to find out basic information on treadmills that is important for successful treadmill shopping. We have provided three tips, learning which will save you much time and money! You need to read this part in order to understand why certain options of a treadmill (track size, motor power and others) should be chosen carefully.

The second part includes reasons for buying a home treadmill and models that we recommend as well as some valuable aspects that you should pay your attention to.

Part One: Preparing for Treadmill Shopping

There are two reasons why you should prepare for treadmill shopping. First of all, you will not get lost among many great options available. Narrowing down the list of options will help you save much time. Secondly, it is typical for companies to experiment with different prices. You should understand which price really corresponds to a certain good to avoid paying too much or purchasing a treadmill of poor quality.

The following three tips will help you choose a treadmill wisely.

#1. Picking the Right Size of Treadmill Is Important to Fit It into the Chosen Area

You should determine how much space you are willing to spare for your treadmill. We recommend that you measure the floor space before you start looking for suitable options. It is also good to measure any intended storage space in case of purchasing a folding treadmill. Usually treadmill dimensions are published, and by using your measurements you can choose the best option. Also consider the size of the running space. Our recommendation is a 20″ wide belt for walkers and 22″ for runners.

As for home treadmill sizes, the standard ones are about 3′x7′. It is possible to find shorter treadmills. In any case, each one requires some space for using it, but it is possible to fold it after finishing your workouts.

You can find high-quality foldable home treadmills. Always carefully check the dimensions and specs before buying a treadmill and compare the parameters with your measurements. As an example, we offer you to check out the Sole F85, a great option for runners.

#2. Considering the Way You Exercise

Which treadmills it is better to choose also depends on how you are planning to exercise. You may like long walks, fast running or something else. Answering this question will help you narrow down the list of goods by selecting the most suitable motor power. The heavier the exercising, the greater the motor power it requires.

Another matter to consider is track size. If you prefer walking, you can opt for shorter treadmill tracks. If you like running (especially, if you are tall), you will need to look for greater sizes.

#3. Determining the Right Price

Considering price trends is great for finding the best offer on the market. Companies often try to attract customers by offering big discounts. You can find treadmill sales at lots of specialized websites.

The best official treadmill prices for runners start with $1,999. You can find a good sale allowing you to save about $500. As for quality treadmills for walkers, they are priced at about $1,000.

Let’s now think about cheap treadmills with the price of less than $1,000. It is tempting to accept a cheaper offer, but you should carefully consider your prospects. A lower price may be associated with certain problems like squeaky operation, weak parts, poor-quality electronics, etc. Usually cheap treadmills are not durable. We have selected some great models in terms of quality and price, and we recommend that you check them out.

Part Two: Why Do You Need to Buy a Home Treadmill?

Here we have provided some useful information on how to choose a treadmill to meet all your needs as well as our explanation of what we paid attention to when ranking the chosen 10 models. Our choice number one is the NordicTrack Commercial. The second and third places were given to the ProForm Pro and the Sole F80 accordingly. 

It is an unforgettable feeling after having a good workout. Thanks to endorphins, you feel really wonderful! Having great training is not only about pleasure, but also about improving the condition of your cardiovascular system, increasing muscle mass, making the immune system stronger and obtaining many other benefits.

It is a really great thing that you can have all of these advantages at your home. All you need is only to purchase a home treadmill. Having one at home can significantly improve the quality of your life, allowing you to save lots of time on traveling to the gym. One of the best things about having a treadmill at home is that it is available for you at any moment. We all have a busy life and often we sacrifice exercising in order to complete other things, but with a home treadmill, you will find it much easier to find some time. Even if you do not go to the gym but like running outside, think about all the matters that may not allow you to do this. It can be bad weather, for instance.

The best home treadmills have everything you need for having satisfying and effective training in the comfort of your home. We have selected great treadmill models to suit the most demanding customers.

What We Paid Attention to

Before starting looking for a home treadmill, you should think about your fitness goals. It is important for choosing a treadmill that has the needed functions to achieve the expected health improvement. It can be pretty useful if you make a list of everything you need, so that you can have it in front of your eyes when choosing the best option.

If your height is more than 5’10, then you should search for a treadmill with a high level of stability and long running surface. We recommend that you find a treadmill with a running surface of at least 55 in. long (60 in. provide a better result). Generally speaking, the taller you are, the longer is the running surface you should be looking for.

Most of all high-quality treadmills allow adjusting the incline level of the running area to make a workout more difficult. The greater the incline level, the better results you can achieve. It is a great way for burning calories and losing weight. A treadmill that has a decline capability allows strengthening many muscles. By alternating the incline and decline, you can improve your health and muscle condition comprehensively.

You can find a great number of different treadmills on the market. You might simply need to purchase a treadmill that has basic programs and features if you just want to keep it simple and convenient. We would like to warn you that we did not review any of non-electric treadmills. If you are looking for a challenge and like trying different programs and workouts, then you should consider purchasing a treadmill that allows you to set heart rate programs and customized goals.

Remember to determine how much space you are willing to spare for your treadmill. If you are not ready to spare much space, you can choose a folding treadmill, so that you could put it away when you do not need it. There are no small treadmills in our selection, but some of them are very easy to fold and convenient to store.

Another important option that you should consider is how noisy a treadmill is. It is always preferable to purchase a treadmill, which motor and deck are able to operate quietly. This is especially important if you like to train at early hours when other members of your family are sleeping. Generally, noisy treadmills can be frustrating.

Even if you have to control everything happening at your work all the time, certain models will allow you to do that without being forced to miss your training. Some treadmills are equipped with a tablet stand as well as touchscreen interface, which allows you to know about everything happening at your work.

Other extras can make your training more pleasant and effective. For instance, it can be a treadmill with speakers allowing you to listen to your favorite music while exercising, or it can be a touchscreen allowing you to watch various videos, for instance, video workouts.

You can find even treadmills that allow you to transport yourself to various beautiful places like beaches, streets of great cities, etc. via the video screen. This is how you can enjoy an outstanding view and forget that you still need to run another 30 minutes. Such features will make you enjoy a great time even despite starting feeling the effects of your workout. It is a great way to continue training with the least of unpleasant thoughts.

Some other factors may also be considered before purchasing a home treadmill. They mostly depend on your own preferences. 


Some treadmills offer adjustable cushioning that you may need if you exercise frequently and for a long period of time, or if you want to know the impact of training on your joints. All high-quality treadmills have it in the running area. Usually, it is provided in the form of a shock-absorbing layer. You can find treadmills that have three areas of cushioning. A softer section is located in the front, a moderate one is located in the middle and a firmer one – in the back.

The best treadmills allow you to adjust cushioning level. This will help you to have the required cushioning level at the place of the running area where you want it to be. Thanks to using different cushioning levels you can feel a great difference in the way your knees, ankles and back feel after and during training. The overall experience is better because these levels are able to soften the landing of your feet.